self-love weight loss affirmations

What if I told you you could accomplish your weight loss dreams by simply speaking positive thoughts about yourself?

Positive affirmations encourage self-change and self-love when you used daily. They not only act as reminders, but inspiration to help you focus on weight loss goals each day.

The greatest benefit affirmations can do for you is focus your attention on meeting your goals in a challenging area in your life.

By reading self-love weight loss affirmations you can begin to see weight loss and yourself in a more positive confident light.

How To Find Affirmations

When looking for self-love weight loss affirmations, look for a positive statement about your weight loss journey. Always use first person perspective when creating and looking for powerful affirmations.

The affirmations also need to apply to your unique situation with weight loss. When you read an affirmation it should leave you feeling confident and full of self-love.  Anything less from an affirmation won’t work for your weight loss journey and mindset!

The point of positive affirmations is to slowly rewire your brain to change your thought processes and your proception about yourself.  Where once you were lacking confidence when you first started a diet…  30 days later after reading self-love weight loss affirmations each day you are now feeling accomplished with even a smallest amount of progress you’ve made!

If you want to create your own affirmations you must speak in the present or future tense not the past tense.  Next, you want to create an affirmation that specific.

Instead of saying, “I am eating better,” say, “I feel better about myself when I eat healthier food.”  This is a specific statement related to how eating better makes you feel and what it does for your body.

However, there are millions of self-love weight loss affirmations out there.  If you don’t want to create your own start searching for affirmations that speak to you and relate to your current weight loss goals and situation.

How To Use Self-Love Weight Loss Affirmations

After you’ve found or created your positive weight loss affirmations, now you need to put them to good use by using them daily.  But how do you use affirmations?

First, write your affirmations on paper or print and display where you will see them daily.  Some of the best places to display affirmations are on your nightstand by your bed, a bathroom mirror, or the refrigerator.

Once you have them displayed simply read them out loud (or in your head) every day.  That’s it!  My suggestion to you is to read them at least once each day.  Make reading your weight loss affirmations part of your daily routine.

Wake up.  Brush your teeth.  Brush your hair and read your daily affirmations!

Over time, you will discover your thoughts are beginning to change and you will gain a more positive perspective toward yourself and your weight loss journey!

While you can always create your own, I’ve done some of the hard work for you!  Try adding some of the following affirmations into your daily schedule!

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Weight Loss Affirmations

I become a better me when I eat well.


I enjoy eating tasty new foods that help me lose weight.


I achieve my weight loss goal by eating healthier every day.


I am thankful to be able to move and exercise.


I feel invigorated after an active workout.


Getting in shape helps me feel better about my self-esteem.


My clothes are becoming looser every day.


My clothes are becoming too big.


When I look in the mirror, I see a new, healthier me.


My muscles are becoming stronger and I am able to do harder fitness routines.


I enjoy learning new, healthier recipes.


I am making my health and fitness a priority in my daily life.


I’m like a cocoon turning into a butterfly, making positive changes in my life and body.


I deserve a healthy body and life.


I am giving myself a slim, fit body I deserve.


I am worth the effort of eating right and exercising.

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Display your affirmation wherever you will see them the most.  Your office corkboard, the bathroom mirror…  Anywhere you will see them the most.  When you keep seeing and repeating them to yourself a funny thing happens…

Your negative thoughts about yourself and weight loss begin to diminish.  Slowly when negative thinking enters your brain, the positive daily affirmations your repeat to yourself will be spoken instead.  And after a while, you will begin to believe these incredible positive thoughts about yourself!

But in order to see the positive benefits of affirmations on weight loss and self-love you need to make a commitment to speaking positive affirmations each day!  If you only read affirmations once a week and don’t believe in them, you won’t believe in yourself or your weight loss journey.

So go ahead and reward yourself.  You deserve to be the best version of you!  To make yourself a better you, then you need positive affirmations to rid your brain of negative thinking patterns that may be holding your back in life.

Sometimes we don’t realize just how negative our thinking is toward ourselves until we sit down and make a conscious effort to track every negative thought throughout the day.  While this takes a lot of work to do, it’s beneficial for changing your thinking patterns to achieve your weight loss goals.

So what are you waiting for?  Find some self-love weight loss affirmations that speak to you and begin to succeed at your weight loss goals!

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