how to stop the yo yo dieting cycle

Losing weight is important to many people, but wanting to lose weight and doing it effectively are two different things. There is so much information out there in the dieting world, that it’s overwhelming.

Different types of diets, workout plans, meal plans like clean eating or Keto, counting calories, counting macronutrients, and so much more.

Dieting goes beyond figuring out which weight loss method works for you,  a dieting mindset can sometimes create obsession and unhealthy habits that lead to yo yo dieting.  Once you begin the cycle of yo yo dieting it can be hard to break this cycle and maintain a wealthy weight.

Let’s fix that!  Here are some tips on how to stop the yo yo dieting cycle.

How To Stop The Yo Yo Dieting Cycle

Drop The Dieting Mindset

When you have a diet mindset, you are focusing on your diet alone.  But it is not usually just eating a more balanced diet.   It’s restricting calories, cutting carbs, and even eliminating entire food groups.  This is very restrictive!

With this diet mindset you are putting food into “good- I can eat this” and “bad- I can’t eat this” categories.  While some foods like fast food or overly processed foods should be limited, they don’t have to be completely cut from your diet.

Instead, moderation and limits are key to successful weight loss!

You may even try eating as little as possible to achieve fast weight loss. These dieting mindset extremes create an obsession with counting calories, burning fat, and more to drop the weight fast.

Unfortunately, it only leads to unhealthy habits, starving, over-exercising, and more.  This in turn causing you not to keep on your weight loss journey, but instead completely give up.

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Focus On Giving Up Unhealthy Habits

Instead of being diet mindset, identify one unhealthy habit at a time. Make a list of your unhealthy habits, then try improving one habit at a time.

Do you drink a lot of pop or soda? Replace it with natural fruit infused water or sparkling water to still get the carbonation you crave without all the added sugar.

Do you eat way too much sugar? Try more natural ways to get in sugar like sugars from berries, bananas, and apples.

Do you snack on processed/premade snacks through the day? Try introducing more protein and fiber to each meal and replacing processed snacks with healthier versions like fruit and vegetables.

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Slow It Down

It will take time for your body and mind to begin a new lifestyle. Think of it like this: It took time for you to gain weight.  It didn’t happen overnight.

Therefore, it will also take time to lose weight.

Don’t diet and obsess about weight loss.  Focus on eating healthier and increasing movement each day and your weight will naturally begin to go down.

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Remove Unhealthy Extras

You make salad with dark leafy greens, red tomatoes and cucumbers only to find you’re ruining your calorie count with high-fat salad dressings.  But what does this have to do with how to stop the yo yo dieting cycle?

Everyday little extras that add flavor to typically boring meals like salads add a high amount of calories that many are unaware of.  Those calories add up and can stale your weight loss progress.

This can lead to frustration when you’re not losing weight that will in turn cause you to quit your diet and all your hard work adding to the yo yo dieting cycle.

Start reading the labels of your favorite condiments and use the recommended serving size and don’t forget to add that calorie amount into your target calorie amount (if you’re monitoring your calories).

Consume More Fruits and Veggies

This seems easy enough to stop the yo you dieting cycle, but many people struggle to eat their daily amount of fruit and vegetables.  The daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables follows the “5 a day” rule- 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit.

The problem with many structured (or yo yo diet) plans is that they don’t encourage enough fruits and veggies.  While low-carb diets are an effective weight loss diet they don’t allow many fruits and vegetables.

Without them you are missing out on key vitamins and minerals with certain diets. This is why it’s always important to supplement vitamins and minerals you are lacking in your diet.

With any diet and eating healthier lifestyle, start by adding fruits or vegetables to every meal.

Fruit and vegetables added to every meal will…

  • Naturally lower the amount of calories you eat
  • Add important vitamins and minerals to your diet
  • Adds more fiber to your diet leaving you feeling fuller for longer

Live In Harmony With Your Cravings

Do have a sweet tooth?  Maybe after every meal you’re feeling you need something sweet to top the meal off.  It’s hard to ignore food cravings when you have them.

But, it’s actually worse to ignore food cravings!

When you ignore favorite foods your teaching yourself that “a diet” won’t allow you to ever eat those “bad” foods again.  Unfortunately, this “diet mindset” with certain food is not sustainable for keeping weight off long-term.

Instead of depriving yourself, learn to satisfy your food craving in a healthy way.  If you’re craving chocolate after every meal, don’t reach for making a hot fudge sundae.

Buy Hersey kisses and M & M’s!  What’s important is to only eat the recommended serving size or less.   There are also many sugar-free and low-carb candy options, and even protein bars to satisfy chocolate cravings.

The important thing is to learn to manage your food cravings for long term weight management success!

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Hydrate, And Hydrate Some More

The common consensus for the amount of water everyone should drink per day is 8 cups.  However, for weight loss you may need more, especially when stopping the yo you dieting cycle.

Why is staying hydrated important for breaking the yo yo cycle?

Sometimes, those hunger pains you feel are actually not a sign of hunger.  They are your body telling you you’re thirsty!

For weight loss water can help:

  • Suppress appetite
  • Support body functions like digestive
  • Feel fuller longer
  • Reduce cravings for calorie rich foods

To feel fuller longer and suppress your appetite, drink a full glass of water 20 minutes before every meal!  This will naturally lower the amount of calories you consume for each meal.

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Dieting is not a sustainable way to live life.  Yes, you will lose weight being on a diet, but continuing on the same diet long-term is depriving.  Many diets like low-carb and keto diets are not considered diets but are considered a lifestyle eating choice by many.

One single most valuable advice for how to stop the yo yo dieting cycle is to ditch the diet mindset.  Instead of living your life on a diet and continuing to place foods into good and bad categories.  This mentality is restrictive and will only result in depriving yourself of some of your favorite foods instead of learning to live in harmony with even the most tempting foods.