plank workout routine for abs

If you’re not doing a plank workout routine for abs, then you’re missing out! Planks are for anyone who want to gain a strong core with less movements.

Do you ever find yourself sick of doing a sit-up routine and seeing few results? Then, it’s time to switch up your fitness routine and get serious about burning abdominal fat! You don’t need to do an endless amount of sit-ups to get a stronger core and defined muscle tone.

Try this ultimate plank workout routine for abs!

What Muscles Do Planks Work?

Planks work many muscles through the entire body. You could consider planks themselves to be a full-body workout depending on the intensity and duration.

This exercise works the following muscle groups:

  1. Glutes
  2. Rectus abdominis- Top layer of core muscles often called the “six-pack”
  3. Transverse abdominis- The inner or deep core muscles
  4. Obliques- The side core muscles
  5. Quadriceps
  6. Hamstrings
  7. Abdominal and lower back

Do any variation of plank and you will notice these muscle groups will begin to burn after awhile!

What Is The Correct Form For A Plank?

When performing a plank try to remember this statement: “Stiff as a board.”

For a plank to be effective your spine needs to by straight or “stiff.”

Try to remember the following key elements of a basic plank:

  • Head and neck are inclined with your back
  • Should are over your elbows or hands
  • Hips raised while your gluten are tight

When Do You Begin To See Results?

Results vary from person to person, but most people who commit to a daily plank workout routine for abs will begin to see results in 2 to 3 weeks. While you won’t quite yet be rocking a six pack yet, you should start to see an improvement in…

  • Core and glute muscle tone
  • Core and back strength
  • The duration of the plank hold

Once you begin noticing these little successes you’ll witness why planks can be more beneficial then crunches!

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The Ultimate Plank Workout For Abs

Plank Shoulder Taps (alternating)- 10 each side

Start in a hold plank position on your hands (not elbows). Now, touch your left hand to your right shoulder while you hold the plank position, then back down. Then, touch your right hand to your shoulder and continue to alternate right and left-hand shoulder taps for a total of 20 (10 each side).

Rocking Planks (alternating)- 20

Hold a plank while resting on your elbows. Then, rotate your right hip to dip down and touch the ground. Now, rotate your left hip to touch the ground. Repeat these “rocking planks” until you reach a total of 20. 10 hip taps for each side.

Side Plank Hold- 20 seconds each side

This one is much more difficult than the traditional plank because you need to incorporate balance. Start by lying on your side and propping yourself up on your right elbow. Then, lift your knees off the ground so your entire body is off the floor except for your right elbow and right foot.

This move is hard for some. Your oblique abdominal muscles need to be strong enough to resist gravity. Don’t worry if you can’t do a full extended side plank! Just stay on your knees instead.

After you’ve held the right side plank for 20 seconds, switch to your left elbow and hold the side plank for another 20 seconds.

Side Plank With Side Crunch- 20 each side

Get into the right-side plank position again. Instead of holding the position you’re going to take your left knee (the one on top) and bring it toward your head as you lean your upper body in for a “side crunch.”

To perform this move effectively, place your left hand on top of your head and try to connect your elbow to your knee. Repeat this side crunch plank 20 times. Then, switch to the side plank on the left side.

Always remember you can stay on your knees for this side plank to make it easier. Just remember to hold your midsection and arm firm to fully engage your abs!

Plank Hold With Arm Extended Out- 20 seconds

Get into a plank positions while on your elbows. Now, extend your right arm out away from your body and hold this position for 20 seconds.

After you rest for a moment, resume the plank hold and extend your left arm out and hold for 20 seconds.

Spider Plank (alternating)- 10 each side

This is one of my favorite plank variations. Sometimes with planks, you want to challenge yourself more by incorporating more movement. The “spider plank” is perfect for this!

Start by getting into a plank position while resting on your elbows. Rotate your hip and bring your right knee to your side. This variation is similar to the side plank crunch as it works your lower and oblique (side) abdominal muscles.

Hand To Elbow Plank- 20

Begin this variation by resting on your hands and holding a high plank position. Next, taking one arm at a time move from your hands to going down to your elbows. Then, go back up to a high plank position on your hands.

X Plank Hold- 20 seconds

Start in the plank position (with feet apart) resting on your hands. Now, you are going to take your right hand and tap your left foot. Do the opposite with your left hand and right foot. This will create an “X” like pattern.

Plank With Leg Lifts- 20 each side

Begin with a high plank position (resting on your hands). While holding this position, keep your right leg straight and lift it toward the ceiling. Do 20 leg lifts with each leg.

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If you hate crunches or sit ups, then you may love planks! Planks have come a long way from just holding the same position for as long as you can.

Different variations will work and Target different muscles. But one thing is for sure-If you want to target both your six pack and your inner core at the same time, then planks are the way to go!

Give the plank workout routine for abs a try and begin seeing the results you want to see when you look into the mirror!