the 21 day fix diet

Weight loss is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. People are searching for new ways to lose the weight for good.  But there are so many diet options to choose from, and so many differences between each diet plan.

Is there a balanced approach to weight loss that includes a whole outlook for nutrition and exercise?  Most diet plans involve endless planning, specific foods, measuring, and more.  But the 21 day fix diet removes all of that only makes dieting easy for once.

What Is The 21 Day Fix?

The 21 day fix is a diet developed by Beachbody and is based on producing lasting weight loss results by teaching diet goers about portion control and macro nutrients in a simple and effective way.  The diet itself focuses on whole, clean, unprocessed foods.

While the focus of the diet is the nutrition itself, learning how to portion control and eat better, the 21 day fix program does encourage everyone to participate in 30 minutes of exercise per day.

So the ultimate question remains- How much weight can you lose on the 21 day fix?  Since you are only required to stick with the program for 21 days, most people typically an average of 15 pounds during the 21 day span.

However, always remember that each individual is different and therefore, responds differently to a diet.  But each pound of weight you may lose is a triumph in itself, so remember that!

Beachbody Fitness Program

Exercise is essential for any successful weight loss program and this program is no exception.  However, it is not the focus on the program, the nutrition is.

But the 21-Day Fix program breaks workouts into easy, simple plans to follow. The workouts are 7-days a week that target different muscle areas and different workout routines each day to keep things exciting.

Each workout is 30 minutes long, which makes it possible for anyone to work into their busy schedule, even if you’re caring for children and working from home. The diverse 7-day workout routine never gets boring and is filled with different exercises to encourage weight loss and prevent weight loss plateauing.

21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan

The 21 day fix nutrition program focuses on whole unprocessed foods and portion control.  If you’ve heard anything about the nutrition and fitness program is that it comes with containers.

Colored containers with lids are the main item you need for 21 day fix.  They are essential for measuring your portions.  How many colored containers you have depends on your weight and your calorie needs.

The calculate how many containers each you are allowed, complete the following formula:

  1. Take your weight and multiply it by 11.  (This is your calorie baseline)
  2. Add 400 if you are exercising daily and following the fitness program. (This is your daily allotment of calories)
  3. Subtract 750 for weight loss without the fitness program (or with the fitness program for increased weight loss).  This is your calorie deficiency for losing weight.

Once you have your daily calorie intake calculated, you will then know how many containers each you are allowed each day.  Within the nutrition program there are for “plans” that specify a calorie range that corresponds to the amount of colored containers.

To view the “plans” and how many colored containers per plan, START HERE!

The colored containers you will become familiar with over the course of the program are:

Purple Container (Fruits)

Green Container (Vegetables)

Orange Container (Dressing and seeds)

Yellow Container (Carbohydrates)

Blue (Healthy fats)

Red (Protein)

Benefits of The 21 Day Fix

Easy Portion Control

One of the central components of the 21-Day Fix Diet is portion control. This is accomplished by using portion control color containers.

While these containers may seem overwhelming at first, they are teaching you a valuable lifelong lesson about food- How to identify portions associated with the different food groups.

For instance, the yellow containers is a 1/2 cup of carbohydrates.  You can premeasure carbohydrates like sweet potatoes before placing it on your plate and eating them.  After your 21 day fix diet is over, you will still have a sense of how much you should have on your plate for carbs (1/2 cup of carbs is one serving size).

Since portion control is out of control for many people leading to overeating and weight gain, following the containers is vital for successful weight loss before and after the program.

Thinking Ahead

The best way to find success during the 21 days is to make a plan and stick to a schedule. Get familiar with how many containers each you are supposed to have every day.  Then, plan your meals and grocery list around your colored containers.

Make sure to fill your grocery list with a variety of whole clean food sources to add variety to dishes and make you more eager to enjoy every meal on the program.

Built-In Workout Plans

While on the 21 day fix short workout plans are provided for you. All you need to do is follow along with the daily 30 minute workout.  However, please remember that if you do not want to incorporate a daily workout you don’t have to.

That’s the beauty of the program, you don’t have to exercise to lose weight!  Just follow the containers and suggested food items.

Each daily workout never gets boring because every day you are doing something different in your routine.  This will only aid to your weight loss during the 21 days because your body will keep on guessing and your weight loss will not plateau.

From each workout on the 21 day fix you can expect the following workouts:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Cardio

No Processed Foods And Sugar

Do you have an addition to processed foods and sugar?  Many people do and there is a reason for it, sugar is delicious!  The fitness program eliminates processed foods and sugar from your diet.  This will allow your body to “reset” itself in a way and break your dependance on sugar.

There is a bit of an adjustment period the first week.  If you’re use to eating unhealthy, your body may be in shock when you consume clean food.  But don’t worry, you won’t be starving!

The clean unprocessed foods your consuming will help you reset your systema and provide you with all the nutrients you need leaving you full and satisfied.

the 21 day fix

Easy Meal Planning

You don’t have to follow specific recipes with this diet.  Just know how many colored containers you have and divide then up throughout the day with delicious foods.  For meal planning success, I highly recommend to get at least 2 sets of colored containers.  They do come with lids and work amazing for storing food throughout the day!

Feel free to combine food combinations to make your very own recipes and meals!

No Counting

Minus the initial mathematical equation for figuring out your daily container amount, there’s no counting of calories and/or macronutrients.  This is a huge relief to many people!  For some, counting excessively every morsal that enters your mouth is exhausting and can lead to a failed diet.

It’s overwhelming and time consuming to calorie count.  With 21 day fix, you don’t have to.  All you need to count is the amount of containers of food you have each day!


When you’re trying to lose weight, trying to figure out which diet program is right for you is close to a nightmare!  It’s overwhelming!  Many of the diets out there restrict certain foods or have you count obsessively your calories or macros.  With the 21 day fix diet you don’t have to worry about any of that!

Best of all, the reviews for the diet speak for themselves!  Many are finding success and learning how to control portions, eat the right foods, and lose weight all in the span of 21 days.

But don’t be afraid to take this 21 day program and stay on it longer.  It can help you reach your ultimate weight loss goals and keep off the weight for good!