Are you up for a fitness challenge?  Ready to transform your abs from flab to flat and your booty from saggy to lifted?!  Then, get geared up for this 30 day ab squat challenge!

This fitness challenge combines different ab and squat variations to keep your body guessing and maximize results.  As you follow along with these 30 day workout you will notice that each day gets a little more difficult with an increase in sets and difficulty of the ab and squat exercises.

Get ready to challenge yourself like never before and get the six pack abs and lifted round butt you have always wanted!

30 Day Ab Squat Challenge

This 30 day ab squat challenge is built for beginners.  If you’re just starting your fitness journey you can feel accomplished by knowing you are able to complete these daily ab and squat exercises.

But don’t get too comfortable with the same exercises each day!  As you move through the ab and squat exercises every day you will find they incorporate new and more difficult moves.

This 30 day challenge is divided into four weeks.  Each week includes new variations of squat and ab exercises meant to increase in difficulty each week.

It’s important to remember that even though the exercises are divided up by four weeks, you still need to complete the four sets of 20 repetitions (100 reps total) EVERY DAY.  That’s the fun of the 30 day challenge!

Let’s dive into your daily ab squat challenge!

Week 1

20 Basic Squats

Stand tall with your feet hip width apart.  Bend your knees and push your buttocks back as if you were going to sit back in a chair. Make sure you put the majority of your weight on your heels.

Get back up and do it again!

20 Ab Crunches

For ab crunches, simply lay down on the floor with your feet flat on the floor and your legs bent.  You can choose to place your hands across your chest or behind your head.

20 Sumo Squat

A different variation of the basic squat, the sumo squat specifically targets the glutes and inner thigh.  Start in a basic squat position, then spread your legs with feet pointing out.  Your legs should be past the width of your body.

Now, squat down and come back up to center.  If you want to make this more challenging, combine a sumo squat while standing and squatting on your toes with heels raised.  This will add in some extra burn fat and build muscle in the calves as well as the glutes, inner thigh and quads.

20 Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches target the lower set of abdominal muscles.  Start by laying on the floor with your hands behind your head.  Lift your feet off the floor and into the air.

To reverse crunch, lift your legs toward your chest to contract your lower abs.  Your butt should be lifted of the ground while doing the crunch.  Repeat 20 times.

20 Squat Pulse

A squat pulse is a concentrated movement focused on the glutes.  For a squat pulse, get in a basic squat position.  Squat down but stay in this position.

Now, “pulse” your booty up and down, but never fully standing up.  Stay in a squat position.

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30 day ab squat challenge

Week 2

20 Narrow Squats

Ready for a quad burn?  The narrow squat is killer for defining your quads!

Narrow squats get their name because you maintain a “narrow” stance with your legs.  Simply start in a standing position.  Make sure your legs don’t go past the shoulders width, then squat down and stand back up.

20 V Crunches

The V crunch is not for the faint of heart!  It’s a killer burn for your upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Start by laying face up on the ground.  Keep your legs straight together and lift them in the air as high as you can.  Contract your abs by holding your arms straight out in front of you and then touching your toes in the air.

For this ab crunch variation your body should make a V shape when at rest and not crunching.

20 Jump Squats

Jump squats are a high impact movement and are perfect for getting your heart rate up.  All you need to do is get into a basic squat position.  Complete a squat, but when you are at the low squat position, jump up with your feet off the ground.

Keep doing this same movement: Squat down, jump up, repeat!

20 Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are not my favorite and for that reason I tend to do them as fast as possible.  However, they are effective for targeting all the ab groups.

To complete a bicycle crunch, lay on your back.  Place your hands behind your head and your legs bent at the knees in the air.

Now you need to rotate your body by taking your right elbow and connecting to your left kneed to contract your abs.  Then repeat this same action by connecting your left elbow to your right knee.

Repeat 20 times.  But don’t be afraid to do more if you’re on a roll!

20 Second Wall Squat

All you need to do for a wall squat is to find a wall and hold a squat position against the wall.  But make sure your thighs are parallel to your knees.

Week 3

20 (each) Squat with Back Leg Lift

For this move you are going to combine a basic squat with a back leg lift.  Perform a basic squat.  Once you return to a standing position slightly bend at the hips and lift the right leg to contract your butt.  This will work both the hamstring and glute muscles.

Repeat this same movement 20 times with the right leg, then perform the same squat combination with the left leg.

20 (each) Standing Oblique Crunch

Are you tired of always being on the floor to do an ab workout?  Let’s switch things up and try some standing ab crunches.

For this move feel free to stand next to a wall to place your hand on the wall for balance purposes.  In a standing position, lift your arm straight up in the air.  Now, simultaneously lower your arm and lift your leg into a side bent position.  You are connecting your elbow to your knee!

Repeat this same movement on each side of the body to work the side abs (obliques).

20 Bicycle Crunches

Back to the bicycle crunches again!  Simply lay on the floor and start bicycling by connecting opposite elbows and opposite knees.  Don’t forget you can always do more!  20 is only the suggestion!

20 Vertical Leg Crunch

A vertical leg crunch is performed with your body laying on the ground.  Put both legs together straight in the air.  While keeping your legs together and straight in the air, “press” your legs toward the ceiling.  Your butt should be lifting off the floor to contract your lower ab muscles.

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Week 4

20 Basic Squat with Side Leg Lift

From a standing position squat low into a basic squat, but when you stand up complete a straight leg lift to the side.  Repeat this same move 20 times for each side.

20 Frog Crunches

Frog crunches are a killer move just like bicycle crunches and I promise your abs will hurt after this!  For a frog crunch, lay on your back.  Bend your knees into the air but connect both feet together.  This will force the knees to separate and give you a “frog legs” appearance.

Now, with your hands behind your head connect both elbows to both knees at the same time.  Do not alternate! This ab variation will work the upper and lower abs and the move itself does feel a little awkward.  But it’s well worth it!

20 Squat Chops

This is a multi-combination movement!  Squat chops target the obliques, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.  Let’s break this move down in steps to make sure you do it right!

How to do squat chops:

  1. Clasp your hands together and place them straight above your head (fully extend arms)
  2. Jump into a squat position
  3. Sweep your extended arms diagonally across your body (left arm sweep/chop to right knee)
  4. Rotate your arm chops from right to left with each squat

Repeat this same movement 20 times.  The choice is yours whether you want to do 20 squat chops with rotating arm chops or 20 right arm chops and 20 left arm chops to equal 40 total.  It all depends on how adventurous you are!

20 Scissor Crunches

Remember those bicycle crunches you probably hate by now?!  Let’s kick it up a notch and take the same type of bicycle movement for scissor crunches.

Instead of keeping your legs bent and rotating your torso to connect an elbow to a knee, keep your legs straight!  With your hands behind your head, rotate your torso to connect your left elbow to your right leg.  Then, rotate and connect your right elbow to your left leg.

Again, you can either just stop at 20 total or do 20 each side equally 40 scissor crunches.


This 30 day ab squat challenge is meant to start you off in the right direction and increase in difficulty throughout the four weeks.  Every week you complete should be a little more challenging for you.

But guess what?  When each week passes you’re getting stronger and stronger ready to crush the next week!

The choice is yours- You can go through this routine for 30 days or continue till 60 or 90 days to see the results of a smaller waist and a built-up booty.  Or you can cram more reps into your day bay going through each day twice.  This will double the amount of reps, therefore doubling your results.

But remember, exercise is only one half of the equation.  Nutrition should always come first!  There are easy to follow tips and tricks all over this website to help you find dieting and nutrition success for a better mind and body.

Read the following articles to get you started on a nutrition wellness plan while going through the 30 day ab squat challenge!