in home workouts without equipment

When you start a plan for an at-home workout, you may be thinking about what kind of equipment you’ll need right away. You might even believe you require a gym membership. Consider again!

You might be surprised to learn that there are several workouts that don’t require any equipment at all. The common misconception is that these workouts will not provide you with the results you require in the time frame you have.

The truth is that these eight workouts produce better results than you might think.

8 In Home Workouts Without Equipment


Tabata workouts require no equipment and provide an effective full-body workout. The concept behind Tabata is to alternate between intense workouts and rest periods.

Most people, for example, begin with 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. They do this in intervals until the entire body has been worked out.

You can then repeat this process eight times or more. The only weights required are those provided by your own body. You only need yourself and the floor.

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Yoga can be practiced without any special equipment. Though you may immediately think of yoga blocks, straps, resistance bands, and other similar items.

The truth is that while these may be beneficial if you are new to yoga, they are not required. You can make yoga work for you without any equipment if you know a few basic moves. You can also branch out to Tai Chi and other similar workouts.

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It’s exactly what it sounds like: stationary walking. You simply walk a mile or more while following an online coach on free sites or DVD options. This home workout may appear monotonous, but you will be changing intensity levels, moving your arms throughout the workout, and combining aerobic workouts with walking.

This is an excellent option for people who do not want a treadmill in their home and do not live in an area where walking four miles in a short period of time is feasible or safe.

in home workouts without equipment

Sectional Body Challenges

You can complete 30 day challenges in less than 30 minutes. Each challenge is intended to help you focus on a specific issue with your body or a specific goal. You could, for example, concentrate on squats or HITT training.

The key concept is to complete the challenge in 30 days and under 30 minutes. The ability to choose challenges that work with your needs, time constraints, goals, and budget is ideal for this type of workout plan.

Dance Cardio

Cardio dance makes use of your imagination as well as music that you enjoy. No special equipment is required. You can listen to the radio on your phone, listen to music on your phone, or use another music player. In an ideal world, you’d just be dancing.

You can do specific dance options for more cardio or full body workouts, but overall, this is the same type of cardio you’d get at a dance club, except you’re in your own home and dancing to whatever you want, whenever you want. It will raise your heart rate and assist you in losing weight quickly.

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Plank Exercise

Many people consider planks to be boring because you have to hold the same position every time. While a basic plank position can become monotonous after a while, there are numerous plank variations that vary in difficulty and target different muscle groups.

To target stubborn stomach fat, you can create an entire workout routine out of planks. Here are a few plank variations to incorporate into home workouts without the use of equipment:

-Rocking plank
-Plank on the knees
-Plank with a shoulder tap
-Reverse plank
-Walking plank

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Circuit Training with Body Weight

Body weight circuit training is similar to Tabata but does not require the HITT intervals of intense workout and rest as Tabata does. Instead, you perform a series of exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and so on.

You complete a set number of reps before moving on to the next section of the workout. You provide resistance by using your own body weight.


Squats, like planks, have numerous variations. Squats are also known as compound movements because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time, including the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, and abductors (groin muscles).

Squats are never boring because there are so many different types of squat movements. If you want to shape your hips and legs while lifting your booty, try an entire routine of squat variations!

Squat variations to include:

-Heel raises with a squat
-Goblin squat
-Squat jump
-Kickback squat
-Squat with side step

in home workouts without equipment


Something to keep in mind with these workouts is the ability to incorporate them into a revolving routine that will provide you with the best results. You can buy weights or other equipment if you want, but even at high intensity levels, the equipment is not required, making these workouts the most cost-effective option for your at-home needs.