at home pool workout

An at home pool workout such as those done in a swimming pool, are ideal for a variety of reasons. It allows you to get some vitamin D and fresh air while also being a fun family activity. Pool workouts are also enjoyable, which increases motivation to exercise while having fun. This makes sticking to your workout routine much easier.

This article will provide you with various options for water workouts, ranging from how to get a better workout while swimming to the types of moves you can do in the water with your family.

At Home Pool Workout Equipment

There are numerous workouts you can do if you have access to a swimming pool, whether at home or at a local gym. The advantage of having your own swimming pool is that you can bring along some fun workout accessories. Take a look at these various options.


This may seem counter-intuitive given that you want to use all of your leg strength when swimming, but they can actually help in a variety of ways. To begin with, if the majority of your water workouts consist of fast swimming, using fins in the beginning can help with your speed while also providing you with a more powerful kick.

They are also excellent for improving ankle stability. Consider incorporating water workouts with fins into your regular routine.


There are also various types of weights that you can use while swimming. There are weights you can attach to your wrists or ankles to make swimming more difficult so you use more body weight, or you can get water hand weights, which are similar to regular hand weights but made of a special material that allows them to work in the water.

Buoys for pulling

A pull buoy is the final swimming pool accessory you should consider purchasing. These are placed between your thighs, elevating you slightly and necessitating more upper body strength to swim, move around, and perform various types of water workouts.

at home pool workout

Getting Total Body At Home Pool Workout

People don’t realize that swimming in a pool can be a full-body workout while still being enjoyable. Instead of just floating around, you can work your entire body, from your arms to your legs and even your core muscles, with a few simple moves.

Here are some different pool workout moves to try!

High Kneed Jogging

This is a simple cardio workout in the pool that can be expanded to a full-body workout. Rather than just jogging in place in the pool, try to work your entire body. When jogging in place, raise your knees as high as you can and get your arms moving as well. You will also be working your core ab muscles with the knee lifts in the pool.

Ride a Bicycle

When you aren’t quite ready to do actual swimming in the pool for your total body workout, this is a good alternative. It will work your leg and core muscles while also performing some shoulder exercises. You want to be closer to the deep end of the pool and stand against the side for the bicycle. Reach your arms out so that your elbows rest on the pool’s edge, and then make a bicycle motion with your legs inside the water.

Swim Faster and Harder

If you want to improve your total body workout while swimming in the pool, simply increase your intensity. While swimming laps, try to swim as fast as you can back and forth, but also work hard on your arms and legs.

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How To Make Regular Swimming Into An At Home Pool Workout

While there are numerous workouts that can be done in a swimming pool, you may not want to do water aerobics or play games. With a few modifications, you can continue to swim in a pool and get a workout.

Learn Correct Form

Learning proper swimming form can help you get a good workout from swimming in your pool. This is when professional swimming lessons come in handy. Instead of just trying to get through each lap, you can learn how to use your entire body while swimming.

Reach out far so that your strokes are larger and longer and concentrate on working your legs so that you can go faster and work your leg muscles harder.  With proper form, you will not only build excellent muscles, but you will also notice that you can swim laps much faster than before.

Make Use of Your Entire Body

Swimming gives you a better workout because it uses your entire body. Not only will proper form provide you with this, but you can also try the frog swim. While swimming laps in your pool, this works different muscles. You’ll swim slower, but the extra muscle use will help you burn more fat and calories while swimming.

Weights Should Be Added

Weights, including those attached to your body, are available for use in the pool. When swimming laps, you don’t want to use barbells, but rather weights that you can wear on your wrists or ankles.

at home pool workout

At Home Pool Workout For The Family

Water workouts should be enjoyed by the entire family! They are excellent not only for weight loss, but also for maintaining good physical health and, of course, for having fun. These workouts use a variety of games and activities to make it feel less like a workout.

The Water Bottle Game

This is a great game to play in the pool with your family because all you need is a 2-liter plastic bottle filled with water. You want to use water from your swimming pool instead of regular tap water. A bottle with a white cap is ideal because you want it to be virtually invisible in the pool.

Drop the bottle in the middle of the pool and have everyone in the family dive in to try to find it. Because there is no label and a white cap, it blends in with the water. It’s a difficult game that’s also a lot of fun.

Assuming the Form of Mermaids

If your children enjoy mermaids, they will love this one. If your children prefer, you can dress up as mermaids or dolphins. Simply swim underwater while holding your breath and see who can stay under the water the longest. If you do it near the deep end, you will have to swim underwater during the game, which will burn more calories.

The Pool Shark

This is a tag game that can be played in a swimming pool with any size group of people. One swimmer will be the ‘shark,’ while the others will be the swimmers. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. The shark player attempts to tag the swimmers in the basic game. Each round of this game can be won by the last swimmer standing.

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An at home pool workout is perfect for easing joint pain, toning muscles, and adding resistance through water during a workout.  While you can hit the pool solo and focus on your own workout routine equipped with some essential pool must haves, you can also get your family involved for an added element of fun!