Aerial yoga is an art form that’s making it’s way out of the circus and into the everyday life of beginner athletes.  Why?  It’s exciting, entertaining, and best of all challenging!  Your body will begin to be more flexible and gain strength, while your mind will become more relaxed.

However, there’s a few things you need to know before starting this new fitness trend.  Here are the essential tips for aerial yoga you need to know to get you started!

The Advantages of Aerial Yoga

Before we go into helpful tips for aerial yoga, let’s consider all the benefits it has for your mind and body!

It’s a full-body workout

Aerial yoga can be thought of as a full-body workout. To be able to complete some of the yoga movements, you’ll need to do some weight lifting and conditioning activities. All of your arm, leg, buttocks, and ab muscles will be worked, allowing you to become stronger and more confident.

You’ll be in a fantastic mood

All forms of exercise are beneficial to your energy and happiness, but aerial yoga can take it to the next level. Whether you’re dealing with a lot of emotional stress or sadness, this can be quite beneficial. It will -get to the point where you look forward to your next aerial yoga practice, and the mood-lifting power of this exercise will become nearly addictive. If you do it first thing in the morning, you will have plenty of energy for the rest of the day.

It aids with the balance and flexibility of the body

Yoga, as well as doing aerial yoga, emphasizes balance and flexibility. Even though most yoga movements require you to be suspended in the air, you still need a fair deal of balance to complete them. You’re working against gravity while also increasing your strength. It also improves your flexibility because of all the different exercises you’ll be doing.

A 2019 research study found that aerial athletes showed incredible balance, strength, and flexibility.

tips for aerial yoga

Workouts that Prepare You for Aerial Training

Aerial yoga is a difficult workout, as you will quickly learn. You will need to practice various forms of training and physical conditioning in between lessons to ensure that you are strong enough.


Aerial yoga, like regular yoga on the ground, requires a high level of flexibility, therefore you should stretch thoroughly beforehand. You should stretch not only before and after each practice, but also on days when you aren’t doing aerial yoga. This increases your range of motion for the various poses and stretches out your ligaments to prevent injury and suffering.

Strength Training

Strength workouts are the next sort of activity that can help you prepare for aerial yoga. As indicated several times throughout this article, this aids in the development of appropriate aerial yoga momentum. Weight lifting and cardio mixed with weights, such as kettlebells or even weighted cardio workouts, are examples of this. Strength training should be done at least twice a week to increase muscle capacity.

CrossFit Exercises

CrossFit training will increase your cardiovascular fitness while also improving your strength and flexibility. Because aerial yoga is such a strenuous workout, especially for beginners, cross training is essential.

When you wish to take aerial yoga, here are some cross training workouts to try:

  • Wall balls
  • Box jumps
  • Squats
  • Toes to bar
  • Deadlifts/chest press/squats
  • Tabata pushups/lunges
  • Burpees
  • Battle ropes

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Tips For Aerial Yoga: Which Is Better Rings Or Aerial Silks

When it comes to aerial fitness, there are a variety of gear to choose from. The aerial silks or cloth, which is probably the most common, come to mind for many people. Aerial yoga and fitness can be done in a variety of ways, from rings and hoops to ropes.

Aerial Silks

The silks are the most basic form of aerial yoga, as well as one of the most popular. Aerial silks are comprised of a durable and elastic fabric known as Tissu. It’s a single stretch of fabric suspended from the ceiling that you’ll use for various yoga poses.

The silks can be used to bend your body in various directions, as well as swinging, hanging, and climbing. If you enroll in an aerial yoga or aerial dance class, they will most likely begin with the silks.

Aerial Ring

The aerial ring, often known as a hoop or a Lyra, comes next. The aerial ring is usually composed of durable steel and is secured to the ceiling or hung vertically outside. Aerial yoga programs that use aerial rings will begin with a single point ring, which means you will only need one ring. Multiple rings, as well as other trapeze acts, are saved for more advanced classes.

You can accomplish a variety of maneuvers and tricks with the aerial rings, and it’s not uncommon to use both the silk and the rings in your aerial yoga or aerial trapeze sessions.

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Should You Get Professional Instruction For Aerial Yoga?

If you’re thinking about doing aerial yoga, it’s a good idea to obtain some professional instruction first. Even if you have a space in your home where aerial silks can be hung and used, there are a number of methods that must first be learnt.

Aerial classics teach you to master the basic skills

To begin with, you may eventually master enough right skills and form to practice aerial on your own, but this type of sport necessitates ongoing training. Even if you believe you understand the fundamentals, professional classes will ensure that you retain proper form and continue to learn more advanced skills. Aerial instructors deal with students at all levels, from beginners to experienced.

You’ll Need the Right Tools

It also necessitates some specialized equipment, which is included in the additional expense of attending an aerial class rather than attempting to set it up at home. The aerial silks must be of the correct sort, support your weight, and be secured above you.

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3 Safety Tips For Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a fun, yet difficult, activity to participate in. It’s not something you attempt a few times and then abandon for a long period. To do it properly, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. Before you do so, make sure you’re aware of the following safety measures.

Begin by enrolling in a class

Like we’ve discussed before, when starting aerial yoga it’s important to master the basics of the art first before going off on your own.

One of the most crucial things to know is that aerial yoga requires you to be suspended in the air, with your body held in place by an aerial silk or ring. While you aren’t flying very high, doing this on your own at home with no prior training can be dangerous.

It is strongly advised that you begin by taking a class to understand the essentials. This also guarantees that your silks are correctly attached and secured.

Wear appropriate clothing

When it comes to aerial yoga, there are specific outfits that should be worn. This is for your own protection, not only for your own convenience. While lengthy yoga trousers are fine for traditional yoga, they can obstruct your view when doing aerial yoga. Stick to tighter-fitting leggings, preferably capri-style pants. Avoid loose t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts by wearing only a sports bra or a tight-fitting tank over your sports bra.

Conditioning shouldn’t be overlooked

Aerial yoga incorporates a lot of conditioning and strength training. This will increase your strength and flexibility, allowing you to do the various aerial yoga poses. It is also necessary for your safety when dangling in the air, as it allows you to have better control and avoid mishaps as well as do the tricks.

At the very minimum, you should be stretching before doing any aerial work.  Flexibility is a must for performing this type of fitness.  To build up your strength for aerial silks and rings, try weight lifting!  This will not only tone your body, but give your the strength you need to pull up your own body weight.


Aerial yoga is not just a fitness routine, it’s an art form.  Those who you see perform beautiful routines have spent years perfecting it.  But don’t be intimidated by these athletes, everyone has to start somewhere with aerial yoga.

Not only is this fitness craze fun and exciting, it comes with many benefits and will continue to challenge your body for years to come.  Just follow these tips for aerial yoga to help you get started today!