The 21 Day Fix is a diet worth sticking to because it is easy to follow and teaches you lifelong healthy food habits.  Like any diet or meal plan, you can begin to get bord overtime with your food options and meals associated with the diet.

But now you don’t have to think about meal ideas.  This ultimate 21 day fix meal idea guide will give you 12 breakfast, lunch dinner, dessert, and snack ideas so you are never bord!

21 Day Fix Breakfast Ideas

There are two types of breakfast people. There are the ones that eat very little or the ones that treat breakfast as the largest meal of the day. Either way, when you start the 21-Day Fix eating plan you will be eating a certain amount for breakfast based on the guides and what works for you according to the guides.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider these three 21-Day Fix breakfast options that you can mix up during the week to give you a bit of variety in your morning routine.

English Muffin with Nut Butter and Banana

A quick and easy grab and go breakfast that is 21-Day Fix approved is the English muffin energy breakfast. This breakfast packs a punch of energy and gives you some of your fruit and nut butter for the day as well.

Just take a whole wheat English muffin and cover it with almond or other nut butter. Now add a sliced half of a banana to cover the top. It is that simple. You can eat it quickly and if you like a sweet taste to your breakfast then this will be ideal.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit

If you are used to eating your breakfast from a fast-food location, then you may be used to the fruit and yogurt parfaits that so many places offer. You can still have this indulgence while meeting the requirements of your 21-Day Fix.

Simply use Greek yogurt, plain or vanilla, and add your fruit. You can dress this up a bit by adding your daily requirement of nuts or seeds to give it some crunch and some added protein and energy.

Spinach and Egg

If you have time to sit down, read the news, look over your daily plans, and have some coffee then you have time for one of the more traditional breakfast meals. This 21-Day Fix breakfast will give you your serving of protein and vegetables. Just make the allotted number of eggs for the day and add some spinach. You also get a pack of iron with the spinach and help boost your vitamins as well.

With these three 21-Day Fix breakfast options, you have something to get started and work with to make your morning routine a bit easier. Remember, if these options aren’t suited to you and you have too busy of a morning, then you can opt for your morning to be your Shakeology shake.

21 Day Fix Snacks And Dessert Ideas

Therefore, you know what to eat for breakfast and for lunch or dinner. You can have a problem with not knowing how to properly handle your snacks and desserts. As a result, you could be considering how to make snacks and desserts enjoyable while also meeting your want for something sweet. Here are a few desserts and snacks you can prepare in advance for the week and have on hand in your containers.

No Flour Brownie Muffins

Making flourless brownies is key while following the 21-Day Fix diet. This technique is used in many paleo meals with remarkable success in terms of flavor and texture. You might be asking what would be used in place of the flour.

In place of the flour, rinsed and drained chickpeas are used. When combined with the chocolate chips, this will give you the brownie-like texture you’re after, and you won’t even be able to tell the difference. These can be prepared ahead of time, and you can eat one as a dessert or a snack at home or on the move.

Chocolate Discs With Superfoods

You are well aware that dried fruits and pumpkin seeds can be considered superfoods. Have you considered combining them with chocolate, though? You can melt dark chocolate and form it into little discs.

Add favorite superfood dehydrated fruits, seeds, and nuts to the top of the discs before they cool. You may enjoy chocolate’s delicious flavor while still consuming superfoods and adhering to the 21-Day Fix diet. If necessary, these can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator.

Energy Snacks

You might be trying to find a snack that won’t make you feel too sweet, is high in protein, and will give you the energy you need. It exists. They are known as energy bites, and making them couldn’t be simpler.

Shakeology powder, almond flour, rolled oats, peanut butter or almond butter, almond or coconut milk, and some raw almonds are required. They should be combined, formed into balls, and chilled. These are portable and accessible everywhere.

You may prevent overeating and giving in to cravings by following these 21-Day Fix snack and dessert options. You are equipped and ready to face the day and deal with your cravings in a sensible and healthy way.

21-Day Fix Lunch Ideas

Most individuals prepare their meals in advance for lunch because that is when they are at work, on the go, or can sit down and eat quickly. Even if you prepare your meals in advance, you will probably want lunch to be the simplest and fastest of your meals, regardless of your schedule. Here are some options to think about if you’re seeking for quick and simple lunch ideas.

Pizza English Muffin

One common misconception about the 21-Day Fix diet is that you can’t eat your favorite foods while following it. Actually, you can, but they do need to be slightly modified. Just one of these alternatives is the whole wheat English muffin pizza. An English muffin, tomato sauce, and cheese are all you need.

To make sure you’re just getting what you need in the amounts that are correct for you, each one does need to be measured in your containers. Simply spread the sauce on the English muffin and top with cheese. Melt in the oven. Even better, prepare it ahead of time, top with sauce and cheese, and microwave.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Even when they are not following a diet, many people like to eat wraps. You may still enjoy your wraps and effortlessly bring them to lunch in your containers. You’ll need chicken, 21-Day Fix-compliant buffalo sauce, a yellow container of tortilla, spinach, and a blue container of cheese for the buffalo chicken wrap. Once combined, create your wraps. Simple, quick, and prepared to go.

Vegetarian Burgers

You could think that burgers need to be removed from your lunchtime menu. The 21-Day Fix actually offers a wide variety of burger selections. A straightforward veggie burger is one of them. The patties can be purchased or made at home.

Just add the number of vegetables you require for the day to the burger. Use the recommended amount of cheese and a sauce, such as tomato paste. It’s your favorite burger in a healthier form.

You can guarantee that you will have something quick and simple by employing these recipes. To add some diversity to your weekly lunches, you can also expand on these concepts while adhering to the meal plan, of course.

21-Day Fix Dinner Ideas

Planning meals for dinner will probably prove to be the most challenging part of your 21-Day Fix regimen. The explanation is that we frequently overindulge at dinner. Simply peruse the menu at any restaurant.

Even more affordable menu options include an appetizer, an entrée, a dessert, and a beverage that is either alcoholic or heavy in sugar. So what do you do when you need a dinner option that is both nutritious and substantial and works with your 21-Day Fix plan? Here are some alternatives to think about.

Roasted Salmon With Asparagus

Salmon and asparagus make a quick, high-protein entrée. You could believe that preparing this meal is challenging or takes too much time. In actuality, it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare in foil or on a non-stick baking pan. You can even purchase pre-measured salmon to ensure it complies with 21-Day Fix guidelines.

You must make sure that whatever oil you add is only the permitted daily quantity and only reputable oils, such as extra virgin olive oil. This is a satisfying, quick, and healthful recipe that is also simple to get in most stores and on the menus of most restaurants.

Foil-cooked chicken and potatoes

Making meals with foil is simple and quick. Foil, a little oil, your protein, and a veggie or starch are all you need. A chicken and potato foil supper makes it simple to accomplish this. You’ll need a potato, a boneless, skinless chicken breast, and you can also add vegetables.

After about thirty minutes of baking, the mixture is ready. It is simple and quite filling. To spice it up a bit add extra tang or rich taste, try using different sauces.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed with Mozzarella

One of the simplest and most common ingredients in the majority of 21-Day Fix regimens is chicken. You might be worried that the only kinds of chicken you can ever eat on the diet are basic chicken that has been grilled or broiled. The truth is that you can dress it up and still get a hearty dinner. One night, try a buffalo chicken with mozzarella stuffing.

Simply cut the boneless chicken breast in half, being careful not to cut through completely but rather to create a pocket. As much mozzarella cheese as you’d like to put in it, of course, and some spinach if you’d like. Coat the chicken with buffalo chicken sauce, according to your tolerance. Bake it, then consume.

These three meals can be altered, supplemented, or enhanced with additional sauces and dressings to provide some taste. Additionally, these meals are excellent for starting your diet plan off well.


The 21 Day Fix diet is a very easy diet to follow and is perfect for dieters who have tried other diets and failed.  The meals don’t have to be difficult and clean eating has never been easier with portion-controlled containers.

Like any meal plan though, it can tend to be pretty boring and you run out of ideas for meals.  Not anymore though!  Try some of the breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts above to liven up your diet and lose those last few pounds!